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The Michael Dominak Story

Michael was legally blind in his right eye. He was finding it more and more difficult to read, play and keep up with his grandchildren. Now, thanks to the Eye Bank, his grandchildren are having a hard time keeping up with him.

Jonathan Lass, MD, the Cleveland Eye Bank Medical Director, was recently awarded the Physician: Community Service award for his volunteer efforts at the Cleveland Free Clinic to provide quality eye care to patients. Dr. Lass volunteers his own time, but also encourages colleagues and residents to volunteer to serve a population of patients that would normally not have access to such treatment. Through Dr. Lass’ professional contacts, he was also able to have the necessary equipment donated to diagnose eye problems and prescribe corrective vision wear. Dr. Lass first connected with the Free Clinic in 2009, and he and the other volunteers are able to see 20 patients a month.

Executive Director, Debbie May-Johnson, and Ambassador and corneal Recipient, Deanna Hartman, discuss the importance of eye, organ and tissue donation.

The Cleveland Eye-Bank has two commercials airing on Fox 8. One features a corneal recipient, Deanna, with her 2 daughters (above). The second features the family of Michael, a 19 year old man that made his wishes known to his family that he wanted to be a donor when he passed away.

The Cleveland Eye Bank is a non-profit organization dedicated to restoring sight by providing tissue for transplantation, research, and teaching. The Cleveland Eye Bank serves 4.2 million people and over 60 area hospitals.

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